Young Director Award / 2022 Jury Presentation

Directed by our intern Lea Thurner.

44 names in a minute. That is the recipe for this year's Young Director Award jury presentation, directed by our intern Lea Thurner and produced by us.

Watch it below and keep scrolling to see full credits.

Young Director Award / 2022 Jury Presentation

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Director: Lea Thurner
Production Company: Bacon
Executive Producers: Samuel Cantor & Mette Jermiin
Producer: Oliver Kornberg Sand
DOP: Nikolaj Ahrenst Christensen
Production Manager: Nicholas Perry
Focus Puller: Isabella Maria Hale
Electrician: Linus Skov
Sound Technician: Maté Boegi
Props Loan: Wonderland
Equipment: MAAN
Stylist: Pernille Holm
Hair & Makeup: Sophie Reynolds
Production Asst.: Sophie Reynolds
Location Manager: Nana Ama Rothenborg
Post Producer: Louise Ryge
Editor: Jasmin Falk-Jensen
Colorist: Lasse Selvli / BaconX
Sound Designer: Julian Berg
Motion Designer: Basil Takis