VFX Breakdown: Color Me

Melting faces 101, courtesy of our BaconX family.

It’s kind of hard to describe Color Me, Martin de Thurah's art project with with music by Active Child. In their latest installment of the hugely popular VFX Artists React to...-series, Corridor Crew (along with digital artist Beeple) described it as both “disgusting”, “beautiful”, “a live birth”, and “[impossible to] find the line where real ends and CG begins”.

You can watch that video here:

Now, to give a bit of insight on how they did some of all that VFX wizardry, our incredibly talented BaconX family have made a video with five breakdowns from the film. In the process, the BaconX team explored the world of practical photography shooting miniatures, cloud tanks, slime, dough and light refractions. These elements were augmented with advanced VFX techniques to create a surreal collapse of reality. The black and white end product allowed for interesting tricks where red light was used for tracking, solving the hard problem of tracking faces in the dark.

Check it out beneath and be sure to visit the Color Me Webshop where it is still possible to buy posters, tees and artworks in support of Mental Health Foundation Denmark.