The Importance of Domestic Violence Hotlines

Directors Christina Amundsen and Emilie Thalund have made a crowdsourced film to help children who are isolated in violent homes.

Mothers' Aid & Live Without Violence / Isolation

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Every year 33,000 children in Denmark experience domestic violence. During this time of crisis that number grows dramatically.

Luckily organizations like Mothers' Aid and Live Without Violence have hotlines open for anyone who is concerned about a child’s wellbeing.

To draw attention to these hotlines and encourage people to keep an eye out, our directors Christina Amundsen and Emilie Thalund have created this crowdsourced film with the help of wonderful colleagues. The film shows that it is still possible to make important films during the lockdown through teamwork and modern ways of communication.

A wholehearted thank you to everyone who has contributed.

Concept & Idea: Directors Christina Amundsen & Emilie Thalund
Production Company: Bacon
Executive Producer: Mette Jermiin
Producer: Laura Valentiner-Bohse
Edit: Nikoline Løgstrup
Composer: Johan Carøe
Sound Designer: Andreas Sandborg
Post Production: BaconX
Colorist: Jonas Drehn
Conform: Søren Gorm Knudsen
Edit Assistant: Nikolaj Dahl

Carl August Jansson
Christian Laursen
Jasper Spanning
Jacob Sofussen
Joao de Botelho
Kasper Tuxen
Mia Mai Dengsø Graabæk
Marcel Zyskind
Martin de Thurah
Martin Werner
Natalia Ciepel
Rasmus Rørbæk
Roxanna Reiss
Shila Sloth
Thomas Dyrholm

Astrid og Ellinor Bøgh von der Recke
Elin Rahlf Amundsen
Besir Zeciri
Mathias Rahbæk
Mette Gregersen

Thanks to:
Ada Bligaard Søby, Andreas Riiser, August Aabo, Emilie Beck, Louise Mclaughlin og Nicolai Lok.