One-Location Movies for Your One-Location Life

Directing duo Matias & Mathias recommend their six favorite single-location movies.
Articles / Written by: Lasse Cato

Matias & MathiasMatias & Mathias

As countries all over the world are shutting down to contain the spread of coronavirus, many of us are getting ready to spend an unusual large amount of time in our homes. To stay true to the lockdown experience, we got Norwegian directing duo Matias & Mathias (a couple of guys who really know their movie history) to recommend their favorite single-location movies of all time.

'Rear Window' directed by Alfred Hitchcock (1954)

"Everyone loves neighbors who never close their curtains."⠀

'The Exterminating Angel' directed by Angel Luis Bunuel (1962)

"The ultimate trapped-in-a room film. If you like this, seek out 'The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie' which is a spiritual sequel of sorts where a group of wealthy friends keep trying to have dinner together, but fail. Again, and again."⠀

'My Dinner with André' directed by Louis Malle (1981)

"This shouldn’t work, but it’s just really perfect in every way."⠀

'Panic Room' directed by David Fincher (2002)

"Young Kristen Stewart and Jared Leto’s cornrows."⠀

'La Collectionneuse' directed by Erich Rohmer (1967)

"The film equivalent to hiding your head in the sand and forgetting about the pandemic for an hour and a half."⠀

'The Rules of the Game' directed by Jean Renoir (1939)

"The 'Parasite' of 1939? Shot and set right before the outbreak of World War II."⠀

BONUS: 'Neighboring Sounds' (2012) and 'Aquarius' (2016) both directed by Kleber Mendonca Filho

"Technically not single location films as they both take flights, but one revolves around a single neighborhood and the other one apartment. Included because they’re excellent and not as widely seen as they should be."