Markus Tangre & Röyksopp / speed_k1ng

From Profound Mysteries III, produced by us, made by Norwegian talent Markus Tangre.

Markus Tangre is a post production coordinator at Bacon Oslo. He is also a very talented director and puppeteer. For one of the first films from Röyksopp's upcoming Profound Mysteries III, he proves this. Watch the full film 'speed_k1ing' below, and keep scrolling for credits.

Markus Tangre & Röyksopp / speed_k1ng

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Director: Markus Tangre DOP: Rasmus Skaaret Producer: Rebekka Rognøy Camera assistant: Daniel Arntzen Colorist: Didrik Bråthen Puppet builder: Markus Tangre Puppeteers: Markus Tangre, David Bjørnstad Post by: Markus Tangre Post producer: Eli Mari Sandal Executive producer: Magne Lyngner Production Company: Bacon