Podcast: Kasper Häggström Talks Music Videos

Kasper sat down with Promonews to detail his work for names like Radiohead and Kelly Lee Owens.

Norwegian director Kasper Häggström has been on an absolute tear lately when it comes to promos!
Need proof? Check out his two latest, Kelly Lee Owens' "Corner of My Sky" (starring Michael Sheen and a magical toaster) and Radiohead's "If You Say the Word" (starring a bunch of sheeple in suits):

Radiohead / If You Say the Word

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Kelly Lee Owens / Corner Of My Sky ft. John Cale

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Now that you absolutely love Kasper's filmmaking, we are happy to tell you that you that he is featured on the newest episode of the Promonews Podcast: Talking Music Videos. It's a 40-minute deep dive, and it is all about the music video work of Kasper Häggström.

Listen to the podcast here.