Holiday Greetings 2021

Celebrating a bit too early.

It's been an ambivalent year; From the frustration of restrictions to the hope of a new vaccine to the arrival of the godawful Omicron variant. Yet another year where production companies all over the world have had to showcase their creativity and ability to overcome unforeseen challenges.

At Bacon, we are proud and thankful to have made it through another year and we salute everyone in the film industry who has done the same.

For our 2021 holiday greeting, Bacon directors Bine Bach and Holger Karberg have messed around and blown up a laptop for one of the most cynical pieces of Xmas Content to date. Hope you enjoy it and get through the holidays safely.

We are looking forward to seeing you all next year! Even if it's via Zoom.

Bacon / Holiday Greeting 2021

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Directors: Bine Bach & Holger Karberg

SFX Supervisor: Christian Schandorph (Spectre Effects)

Producer: Nicholas Perry & Oliver Sand

DoP: Malthe Freiesleben Ejlers

Focus Puller: Isabella Hale

Editor: Holger Karberg

Executive Producer: Mette Jermiin

Music Composers: James Pierpont, Matthew Corbett, Michael Wilkie

Label: Sauce Music

Music Supervision: Upright Music

Special thanks to: Wonderland Productions, MAAN Rental & Spectre Effects.