Films That Got Us Through 2020: Ida Andreasen

The animated short 'Coda' is both dark and oddly funny. Seems perfect for right now.
Articles / Written by: Bacon / Photos: And Maps And Plans/Private

To put a positive spin on 2020, we have asked some people we admire to recommend films that have truly inspired them this year.

Danish director Ida Andreasen recommends the Irish animated short film Coda from 2015. Directed by Alan Holly and produced by And Maps And Plans, the award-winning film is an existential journey through death and life.

You can watch the whole film here, and keep scrolling to read Ida's recommendation.

This film is haunting me. I have gone back to watch it again and again.

It's about the random situations in life that really mean something. It is dark and beautiful. I could stay in the universe forever.

It’s oddly funny and we meet a drunk ghost. Even though it is a dark story, I find it full of vitality and life. I love how it portrays denial and desperation and not being be able to find peace and acceptance.