Cutting Cords / Jenny Amdi Sørensen & Röyksopp

Set to Röyksopp's new track 'The Next Day'.

Another film from our Profound Mysteries collaboration with Röyksopp. Made by Danish talent Jenny Amdi Sørensen.


Watch the film below and keep scrolling for full credits. 

Jenny Amdi Sørensen & Röyksopp / Cutting Cords

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Director: Jenny Amdi Sørensen

DoP’s: Eva Theresa Jermiin Anker & Camillo Springborg 

Producer: Nicholas Perry

Focus Puller: Cecilie Klausen

Production assistent: Morris Allerup

Editor: Jasmin Falk-Jensen

Color: Lasse Selvli / BaconX

Special thanks to MAAN Rental

Talents: Simone Ballan & Toke Lidegaard 

Production Company: Bacon

Music: ‘The Next Day’ by Röyksopp