Campaign: Martin Werner for Merge Mansion

Watch all the films here. Produced by Bacon, made with Reaktor. Oh, and starring Pedro Pascal.

Launched in 2020, mobile game Merge Mansion now has more than two million active users and 40 million downloads. In other words, it is a smash hit. So how does the Helsinki-based developer Metacore behind the game tease the next update for the game? With a fake crime campaign starring Hollywood’s leading man Pedro Pascal.


In the new campaign, Pascal plays a detective investigating secrets in the Boulton family. The campaign is directed by Martin Werner, produced by Bacon and made with Reaktor, and blends cinematic quality with subtle humor.


“This campaign has been a dream project for me. Getting the opportunity to translate the Merge Mansion game into a mockumentary short gave my production company Bacon and me the opportunity to flex all our filmic muscles,” says Martin Werner. “Being able to structure everything around a world class actor like Pedro Pascal took the concept to a higher level and although Pedro is playing a fictional character here, the legacy of his previous work felt like it combined perfectly with our take on the Merge Mansion universe. I am truly proud of what we have been able to put together, it required sheer precision and teamwork from the entire crew who all performed to the highest level from start to finish.”


The campaign was shot in Lisbon and continues the mysterious tonality of the mobile title.


“Merge Mansion has created a fascinating story centered around family drama filled with mystery and secrets that has captivated fans all around the world through their entertaining and unpredictable video campaigns,” says Pedro Pascal. “Making this short film for Merge Mansion was truly a unique experience and I had so much fun working with Martin to fulfill his vision and bring the lore of Merge Mansion to life. From the first day, it was clear how much love and passion the group at Metacore has for its characters and this game and I’m happy that I got to be a part of their next big moment.”


Watch the films below and keep scrolling for credits.

Merge Mansion / A Twisted Game

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Merge Mansion / Think Like a Grandma

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Production Company: Bacon

Director: Martin Werner

Executive Producer: Mette Jermiin

DOP: Lasse Frank

Production Designer: Simone Grau Roney

Prod. Manager: Nicholas Perry

Costume Designer: Pernille Holm

Steadicam Operator: Jonas Torp

Directors assistant: Philip Anker

Production coor: Freja Gelbjerg

Production assistant: Morris Allerup

Service Company: Tantor Films

Service Producers: Dinga Haines, Marcia Meireles, Julie Van Den Bulck.

1st AD: Jorge Salgueiro 

Post Producer: Louise Ryge

Editor ‘A Twisted Game': Rasmus Gitz

Editor ‘Think Like a Grandma’: Adam Nielsen

Sound Designer: Adrian Aurelius / ballad

Music Composer: Asger Baden & Merge Mansion

Finalizing: Thomas Irving


Post Production: BaconX

Executive Producer: Eliana Carranza-Pitcher

HoP/Senior Producer: Cilie Kragegaard

Producer: Daniella Strand

Production Assistant: Denise Borré

Colorist: Lasse Selvli

VFX compositors: Mikkel Hansen, Oliver Buus

Conform: Søren Knudsen




Detective: Pedro Pascal

Podcaster: Lola Paja

Sergeant: Garry Guerrier

Baker Women: Bonnie Hellman

Grandma: Laura Braz

Maddie: Jenny Helen

Young Maddie: Gabriela Sabino

Police officer: Leandro Pires & Miguel Cunha



Client: Metacore Merge Mansion

VP Brand Marketing: Sandra Fenyo

Agency: Reaktor

Creative Director: Jan Sederlöf

Art Director: Elisa Konttinen

Copy writer: Akseli Kouvo

Project director: Roose Ketola