Bacon Wins the Producer's Award at YDA 2023

We are humbled and proud.

Last night we won the Producer’s Award at Young Director Award in Cannes. We pride ourselves on nurturing filmmaking talent, so it means the world to win an award that is literally given to “the production company that has contributed the most to developing young directorial talent over the last year.”

Needless to say, we are humbled and proud. Thanks to the YDA, this one hits special.

And congrats to our winners, adore you all.

Jenny Amdi Sørensen
‘this is how it feels to me’
Winner in Video Art (Silver)
Produced by Bacon

this is how it feels to me

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Jeppe Lange
Röyksopp - ‘Past’
Winner in Animation (Silver)
Produced by Bacon

Jeppe Lange & Röyksopp / Past

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Lea Thurner
‘YDA Jury Presentation 2022’
Winner in Creative Use of Humour (Silver)

Young Director Award / 2022 Jury Presentation

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Bianca Poletti
‘Radical Honesty’
Winner in Short Film (Up to 10 Minutes) (Silver)
Produced by Epoch @epochfilms

Radical Honesty (Teaser)

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Tess Quatri
‘Final Forever’
Winner in Film School (10 Minutes and Over) (Silver)
The Norwegian Film School